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About us

About us

Based in Long Beach on the south coast of NSW, we've been involved in the internet since 1995 and website design and sales for over 14 years.

We enjoy keeping up with internet trends and have extensive experience in web design and retail internet sales. We've the experience and knowledge of what's involved in keeping up your internet presence, what your customers would like to see on your website and what you can do to help improve your website's overall performance.

We currently have clients from our local south coast NSW area, Batemans Bay, Moruya and Narooma, as well as Canberra, Sydney, Cairns and all over NSW and Australia.

Why and who should have a website?

Many businesses and individuals can benefit from having their own website. If you have something to offer that you think people might be interested in, the internet is a good way for you to reach a larger market. For example, businesses with a range of products for sale can get their products seen, noticed and/or sold via their website. If you're an artist and you would like to promote or sell your work we can create an online gallery for you. Whether you want a retail website or more of an information-type website, the self-employed or small business owner would all benefit from an internet presence. We can help you decide whether a website is suitable for your needs.

Why should you update your website?

We'd love to help you to make your website more useful, informative and enjoyable for your customers and potential customers!

You've had your website a while now and it's available for anyone to see. You've noticed a few things need updating and you've been meaning to get around to it, but it hasn't been done because you're so busy doing everything else that you do.

Your prices might not be current, some of the wording might not be correct anymore and that photo of you is so old that nobody would recognise you! You have new services that you'd like to advertise. Maybe you have a whole load of pictures of your work or products or your logo has changed... You've realised that, quite possibly for some time, your website isn't really something that you're very proud of.

Besides the obvious benefits of advertising up-to-date and correct information on your website, advertising your business these days on the internet is not just about having a static website that never changes. It's all about connecting with your customers on a personal level and offering fresh and unique content which is updated on a regular basis.

Just updating your current website information is a great beginning and if that's all you need us to do, we're more than happy to offer our services - remember, no job is too small! If you find it hard to write content, we can do that for you. We can update your price list, add new images of your staff, products and premises, optimise old images or add a photo gallery. We can add new pages to your existing website or create a 'Latest News' section for you. If you're thinking of joining the social media revolution and don't know where to start, we can set up your Ebay store, a Facebook or Twitter page or even your own Blog - they're a great way to increase awareness and reach current and potential new customers.

Another reason to keep your website updated with fresh and unique content is that the search engines like Google will tend to rank your website higher over websites with old and never-changing content. Over and over again we're told that 'Content is King' and it makes sense - people won't remember your website if it's not interesting or informative enough to hold their attention. Showing customers and potential customers that you know what you're doing and are approachable is essential on the web.

We can help you!

We believe that advertising via your website is the most value-for-money way of advertising that you can get. Just think about how much information you can fit in a printed advertisement compared to all the information you can have on your website. You can fit so much on your website for your money that you might as well use it to it's full advantage!

By advertising your website address on your business cards, correspondence, emails and other forms of advertising you can really make yourself, your business and your services known to potential customers in your local area, your state, nationally and even internationally.

What can we help you with?

For further information check out our services page.