Elphick, for Website Design and Updates

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Our Services Include...


Designing and creating new websites
We offer quality web design at affordable prices. Please contact us with your requirements for a quote.

Updating and adding new text
We highly recommend removing any outdated text and keeping your text current. Your customers, potential customers and search engines like it! Adding new content keeps your website interesting and if you have an interesting website, then it will keep your customers and potential customers coming back for more.

Updating your price list
All prices shown on your website should be current. Outdated prices cause confusion and may turn potential customers away.

Adding, updating and optimising images
Adding new images adds instant visual impact to your website. We also optimise images for use on the web and this can improve various aspects such as colour and website page loading time - there's nothing worse than waiting for a slow website to appear on your screen!

Adding photos of your staff and business premises for use on your website
Depending on your business, you might like to add photos of your staff and/or business premises to your website. Adding these kinds of photos helps to show potential customers who you are and create a trustworthy and legitimate feel to your website. Our price includes optimising and enchancing all images for both colour and quick loading times.

Creating a photo gallery of your work or products
We've created photo galleries for customers offering services such as plumbers and woodworkers, or products such as artists and retail stores. The addition of a photo gallery can really enhance your website dramatically. Remember, a picture tells a thousand words! Again, our price includes optimising and enchancing all images for both colour and quick loading times

Adding a map of your location
If you have a business that has a storefront or an office where your clients or customers visit, a map of your location is extremely useful as it both enables clients and customers to locate you and also adds to the general feeling of trusworthiness of your website and business.

Creating your Facebook, Twitter page, Blog or Ebay Store
This can be confusing with all the security options and setup features available, but we can set these up for you and help you to get started. Our standard price also includes creation of a image banner and/or profile pictures for use with these services.

If you need help with adding fresh promotional text or other information to your website, Facebook or Twitter pages or for your Blog, we can create this for you. Your website needs to fully explain all the services or products that you offer in a way that the general population can understand and relate to.

Adding additional pages to compliment your existing website
You may have a new service that you want to add to your website and we can create new pages to seamlessly integrate with your existing website. You can fit so much information on a website, so why not use it to it's full advantage?

Modernising your website
If you have an old, outdated website that doesn't really fit with your current direction or look, we can modernise your website with new content, images and design features. We recommend having all your advertising have a similar look and feel, so if you have other forms of advertising that you currently use, we can use these as a starting point. Alternatively, if you want to go in a new direction, we can help with this too.

Securing .com and .com.au website domain names
If you don't yet have website we can secure domain names for you. These become the name of your website, e.g. 'www.yourname.com.au' or 'www.yourname.com'. We offer good, practical advice about choosing a suitable domain name and can purchase these for you on your behalf. Domain names need to be renewed every 1-2 years and our price also includes our renewal notification service to avoid losing your domain to a third party.

Need something else web related?

Please don't hesitate to contact us if there's anything else web related that we can help you with.

Our Motivation and Committment

If you would like a new website we'd love to discuss your ideas and bring them into reality for you. If you have a website that's stale and out-of-date either because of an old layout or design, or because of outdated information or photos, we can also help. Having a website that you're proud of and that is both useful and used by your customers and potential customers is something we strive for. To bring a sad old website into the present is something that excites us (I know we're wierd that way!). We can't wait to create or update your website!

What are our prices?

Remember, no job is too small! Our update prices start from an affordable $65, but please contact us for a quote today.